(VERY) RAW VIDEO: Bowlers toss frozen turkeys for charity

(VERY) RAW VIDEO: Bowlers toss frozen turkeys for charity

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Most of us have probably been bowling. Some may have even scored a "turkey," or three strikes in a row. But have you ever scored a turkey WITH a turkey?

Bowlers were able to do just that on Wednesday. Frank Theatres CineBowl and Grille at the Inlet Square Mall in Myrtle Beach offered a "Frozen Turkey Bowl" for $1 per throw.

"The kids – they just love the fact that they can throw a frozen turkey down the lane, and the parents, they have so much trouble, because they're trying to find that perfect method to teach their kids, and they fumble it just as much," said Kevin Scott, GM of Franks Theater CineBowl and Grille.

The proceeds went to raise money for the Low Country Food Bank in North Charleston. Bowlers who scored a strike had the option to take the turkey home or donate it to the food bank. As the turkeys thawed, they were switched out with new frozen birds.

"We were testing out this theory last night to find the perfect method to get that frozen turkey down the lane," Scott said. "It's not a perfect bowling ball – it was hard! I mean, some people got it on first time, some people took 50, 60 times just to get it right."

Note: We do not condone the use of frozen or cooked foodstuffs in the place of standard sporting equipment.

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