Airlines post Thanksgiving travel advisories

Airlines post Thanksgiving travel advisories

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Airlines are calling for travel advisories on flights because of the northeast winter weather. Many families waited as their loved ones came down the escalator of the Myrtle Beach International Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

Hug after hug they greeted each other, some knowing they just made it.

"They're supposed to have snow there tomorrow, so I'm glad she's getting here today," Linda McGowan said. Linda McGowan's sister in-law landed safely Tuesday night from Philadelphia.

If she had waited just one more day, she would have been faced with the weather advisory.

Travel advisories were posted by Tuesday morning for flights on Wednesday, one of the most traveled days of the year.

Spirit, American Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue, United and more all posed their policies and options.

Tracie Lawrence, the Area Manager at AAA, says the advisories are the airlines' efforts in being proactive.

"It's an inconvenience, travelers have planned for a long time for this, they are trying to get home to see their families," Lawrence said.

"I booked it in September, so I was planning on this for quite a while," one traveler said.

Lawrence explained just because a travel advisory is posted on your flight, it's not time to panic just yet.

She said the advisories are warnings and give people an option to book another flight that doesn't have the possibility of being canceled or delayed.

The best advice Lawrence could give at this point is staying on top of it and continuing to check your flight status.

"Give yourself extra time, that's the big thing. And that's the same for driving. You know, whatever the normal time you think it's going to take you, the average is about 15 minutes extra per mile," Lawrence said.

Lawrence says about 24,000 more cars will be on the road compared to last Thanksgiving and with tomorrow's travel day starting with wet weather, one driving instructor said the best thing a driver can do is leave a safe distance between your car and others around them.

Some airlines are offering to help change flights for those who are able to fly within a certain time.

Each advisory will give you a rundown of what your options are and the areas affected.

Lawrence says when it comes to holiday travel and bad weather, it's important to be patient.

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