Conway police practice active shooter scenarios

Conway police practice active shooter scenarios

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The Conway Police Department is preparing for the worst - an active shooter in the area.

"What we hear all the time, 'We never thought it would happen here,'" said Lt. Russell Howard, of South Carolina Highway Patrol. "So every department, every jurisdiction has to be prepared."

South Carolina Highway Patrol held active shooter training in Conway on Monday and Tuesday.

Forty officers from the Conway Police Department and two officers from Surfside Beach Police Department got a refresher in the theory behind handling active shooter situations such as sending in a contact team first to track down the shooter, while keeping officers behind to take care of any wounded after the area is secure.

The training is the same across state, county and municipal departments to keep everyone on the same page when they're at a situation together.

"When an incident happens, they can come together, formulate a plan and save lives," Lt. Howard said.

SC Highway Patrol uses simunition, a type of bullet that stings on contact and can leave bruises. That keeps the scenarios as close to real-life as possible without putting officers in danger. This is the first time the Conway Police Department has done a large-scale simunition training.

"You actually can get hit with rounds," said Sgt. Chris Williamson, of the Conway Police Department. "They sting pretty good, so you know if you made a mistake and got shot, but it's good training to help us prepare for, god forbid, if we were to have an active shooter event."

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