Consider This: Ferguson Response

Consider This: Ferguson Response

Many, many people are disappointed with the decision from a Ferguson, Missouri grand jury, but vandalism, looting, arson and gunfire in response to a decision that you don't like; that is unacceptable and intolerable.

Consider This:

The family of Michael Brown, the young man killed by the Ferguson police officer, asked people from their community and across the country to peacefully protest when a the decision was reached. They did not want their son's memory to be tarnished with crime and destruction.

Unfortunately, lots of people chose not to listen to the requests for peaceful action. Instead, they used this situation to commit crimes that will only make the situation worse. Their actions will push businesses out of their community. Investments will dry up and fear and blight will grow. Instead of creating an environment for constructive dialogue and hope for a better tomorrow, their negative actions ultimately harm the people that need help the most and lessen the chances for a respectful, positive conversation.

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