Practice safety when preparing a Thanksgiving feast

Practice safety when preparing a Thanksgiving feast

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In two days, many of us will be sitting down to a tasty Thanksgiving meal with family. But you want to make sure everyone enjoys the meal safely.

A grease fire isn't something you want to run into. Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue gave direction on how to safely extinguish one. Spokesman Lt. Christian Sliker explains that if a grease fire heats up in your kitchen while you're making your feast, make sure you don't have loose-hanging clothes, then put on an oven mitt.

"You're going to come from the backside, right here, you want to make sure that you do not, do not, leave an exposed arm towards the flame and all you're going to do is put a lid on it, shut the source off," Lt. Sliker said. And you're going to let it sit until the fire is extinguished."

"But in many cases, those happen because the chef got distracted. All you have to do is make sure you're paying attention," Lt. Sliker says. "Keep two watchful eyes on your cooking. Leaving unattended cooking is one of the leading causes of fires. Unattended cooking is the culprit. We want to make sure that you are always watching what you're doing during the holiday."

Some other tips: Don't let children in the cooking area. Do not wash the turkey off before cooking, or any meat for that matter, because it will spread bacteria around the sink and countertops.

Make sure it completely thaws out before it goes into the oven, otherwise it may not cook through, even if the outside looks finished. The center of the meatiest spot must reach 165 degrees.

When the meal is finished and before you fall into the famous food coma, the FDA says you shouldn't leave out your leftovers out for more than two hours, otherwise harmful bacteria can grow on them.

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