Interim superintendent named for Horry County Schools

Interim superintendent named for Horry County Schools
Dr. Cindy Elsberry, former HCS Superintendent
Dr. Cindy Elsberry, former HCS Superintendent

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County School District has a new leader for the time being. On Monday night, the school board agreed to appoint Rick Maxey as the Interim Superintendent The decision comes as Dr. Cindy Elsberry turned in her resignation last week.

It only took school board members thirty minutes to make their decision in a closed session of the meeting, before Maxey was appointed Interim Superintendent. Currently Maxey serves as Deputy Superintendent for the district.

At Monday night's board meeting Dr. Cindy Elsberry did not go into detail about why she was leaving the district, only saying she is glad to leave knowing Horry County Schools are in good, sound care.

Dr. Cindy Elsberry, Horry County Schools Superintendent said, " leaving a leadership position, if you know that it's better when you came, and you know that's it's so strong embedded, that it will continue, then I can leave this school knowing that I have left a footprint and a legacy that will continue."

Elsberry told WMBF when she looked back at her tenure and the many of goals, initiatives, and programs she set in place to better prepare students for the future... she felt they have been accomplished. "This was one of primary goals based on feedback from the community was to provide 21st century tools for teachers so they can teach our students 21st century skills and we've done that throughout my tenure. We have laptops and smart boards."

She said she's confident the newly-appointed interim superintendent will continue the legacy she has set forth, and Rick Maxey told WMBF he is ready for the task.

"I am very humbled by the opportunity to serve, and I look forward to doing it, and I will do the best job that I possibly can to make the school district continue to perform," said Rick Maxey, HCS Interim Superintendent.

Maxey received a standing ovation, when the board made the announcement. Dr. Elsberry and Maxey already have a strong work history, that will help with the changeover. She has already committed to providing consulting for the staff and the district after she resigns.

Maxey said, "We're going to continue to work together to ensure a smooth transition. She has a lot of knowledge and obviously as her deputy I worked closely with her over the years. So that will continue, so we can make sure we keep moving forward."

Maxey comes to the position with 26 years of experience with the Horry County School District.

"I have served in various roles in the school district, I've been a teacher, an assistant principal, executive director of secondary schools and I've worked in a lot of capacities, and that's not to say there won't be any challenges - there will, but I feel like my experiences have helped prepared me."

Dr. Cindy Elsberry said she felt good about her time with the district. "I've loved my time in Horry County! I've done things that I have never done things that I have never even touched in my career," explained Elsberry with a great smile.

She stands confident in the decision of the board. "This district has the most talented people, I have every encountered in my career. They were that way when I came, we just built that in my tenure, so classrooms are going to be in great shape, teachers will continue teaching, I just think people set the direction for the whole district to have that leader there but, I can assure parents, I can assure principals, and I can ensure the public that good sound education will continue in this district when I leave there's no question.

Elsberry's last day with the district is December 31; Maxey will then assume duties of superintendent until a permanent replacement for the position is filled.

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