Glenns Bay Road construction set to start

Glenns Bay Road construction set to start

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - For years now Jeff Fedak Sr. has been waiting on the county and South Carolina Department of Transportation to start work on Glenns Bay Road. He has lived along the road for years and seen the changes it has needed.

"I hope they start this and go to town with it and get it done," Fedak said.

The first thing crews will do is clear away plants and bushes and do some utility work. Once that is done, they will work on widening the road.

"I'll be glad to see it come because they've been letting this road go for the last seven years," Fedak said.

The widening will happen in two different ways. Between 17 Bypass and Spanish Oak Drive, crews will widen it to four lanes. Then from Kessinger Drive to Kings Highway crews will add a turn lane, making it three lanes wide.

While the changes may help traffic flow, Fedak worries about drivers speeding on the road more than they already do.

"They do pretty good now in two lanes," Fedak explained. "I watch it every day trying to get out of the driveway."

On top of Fedak's concerns is how the widening will take part of his front yard. The county did reimburse him for his loss, but it's a change he was hoping wouldn't happen.

"I didn't like it, but what are you going to do," He asked. "They're going to come through and do what they're going to do and not much you can say about it."

If all goes according to plan, work should continue through fall 2017.

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