Two arrested in police chase after convenience store burglary

Two arrested in police chase after convenience store burglary
Jason Allen Broach (Source: DCSO)
Jason Allen Broach (Source: DCSO)

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Two burglary suspects are behind bars following a police chase that stretched through both Darlington and Florence counties.

Authorities say they are glad there is finally a break in the case, but their work is not finished because there are still other alleged burglars on the loose.

The sheriff's office said the sad thing behind this case is the thousands of dollars in damage store owners were left to clean up.

“They backed up… they hit the window with a block and tried to take the ATM,” Spencer Amerson who works at Fast Track Convenience Store said.

The same story happened to other businesses across the Pee Dee.

Matthew Allen Harvey, 32, and Jason Allen Broach, 36, are two suspects wanted by the Darlington County Sheriff's Office for some time. Deputies say the duo has been on the run for months.

All the while, fear has been evoked into local businesses, while the alleged burglars remain on the run.

“It was like kind of being on your P's and Q's just trying to watch out for everything,” Amerson said.

The Sheriff's Office confirms that both Harvey and Broach tried to burglarize this store.

Amerson said these marks are left behind by the cylinder block the duo threw at the window, while trying to grab the ATM machine on the other side.

The arrests, the Sheriff's Office says are the break investigators have been waiting for.

“Our guys were already out, you know they re-doubled their efforts, paid a little special attention to anything  moving,” Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd said. Byrd says it was during those doubled patrols that an officer noticed something that wasn't right.

“One of our guys spotted a vehicle pulled over near a convenience store here in town and as he was approaching that vehicle he noticed that there was a piece of chain hanging out the back of the vehicle,” Byrd said

Byrd says as the officer got closer the driver of that vehicle took off and started a chase through two counties.

“Chased it back into Florence County Highway Patrol, Florence County helped us in the pursuit and we ended up catching that vehicle over in Florence County,” Byrd said.

The sheriff says both Harvey and Broach are cooperating with this investigation.

The two have been linked to three burglaries.

The arrests have people like Amerson feeling a little lighter after two months of worry.

“It feels good because at least you know you don't have anybody out there trying to steal everything and money and stuff,”Amerson said.

Harvey and Broach have each been charged with three counts of burglary in the second degree and failure to stop for blue lights. Harvey's bond has been set at $54,000 and Broach's bond has been set at $47,210.

Officials said this is still an active investigation and other charges could be pending.

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