Myrtle Beach shops stay open longer despite increase in jobless rate

Myrtle Beach shops stay open longer despite increase in jobless rate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - South Carolina's unemployment rate went up and Horry County is no different.

Employers along the beach said despite the increase in the jobless claims, they've been able to employ people longer than anticipated because of strong tourism numbers.

Horry County's unemployment rate in October was 6.8 percent, up slightly from September. Some employees we're saved from the fear of being unemployed because their employers are seeing more business than usual this off season.

Polly Tomecko, Floor Manager of Grasshopper in Myrtle Beach said, "We've been able to have two of us who would normally not be able to stay, because of the business, we have employment through this month, so it's a really great thing."

Coastal Carolina University lodging reports from the last weekend of September to the first weekend of November, lodging was up nearly six percent.

Visitors said they continue to come during this time of the year, because the price is just unbeatable. Many of the shops, attractions and hotels are offering huge discounts.

"Especially here on the boulevard a lot of the businesses have kind of made a silent agreement to be open. People expect stores to be open, there's things to do. It's a cheaper time to be in town, so far so good." says Tomecko.

Employers are still cutting down their staff this off season, but not as much as last year.

Tomecko explained, "It's great, it's awesome not to have to stress that, worry about unemployment, or looking for a job somewhere else, so it's a relief."

Shops along the beach said they aren't quite sure exactly when they'll close up shop now, but will follow the trends of the crowds and take it from there.

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