Crews scheduled to start backgate finishing touches into next week

Crews scheduled to start backgate finishing touches into next week

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Crews are scheduled to work on the backgate finishing touches throughout the weekend. They will start paving all four ramps, pouring curbs around the islands, and placing asphalt underneath the bridge.

Horry County Public Information Director, Lisa Bourcier, explained the finishing touches will be worked on throughout the winter and into the spring.

Many local drivers admit the project has given them some grief, but believe it will all be worth the hassle.

"You either have road block now, and when it's done it won't be roadblock, or you deal with road block all the time during summer time," Michael Felicetty said.

Felicetty explained he moved to the area about three years ago when the project began and before he knew his way around it, it was a pain. However, now that he's familiar with the roads and construction has started, he said his drive to work has actually been cut in half.

Bourcier said from Friday until Tuesday, crews will be out working underneath the bridge and on all four ramps.

Some local drivers recognize the project was both necessary and long overdue.

"It really is a bottle neck, Myrtle Beach is a bottle neck because everything runs north, south, east, west," Timothy Mckenzie said.

Mckenzie is a life-long resident and feels once the project is done, it will actually relieve other busy roads as well.

Though crews are still working, others are already seeing a difference. 

"When it's (the bridge) open, and the bridge is actually open, I can see a better flow of traffic," Chad Riggs said. 

Right now, drivers admit driving through the intersection can be a little crazy and confusing for not only tourists, but locals as well because there are no signs or visible markings underneath the bridge.

"Any new interchange, you're constantly having problems with it, as far as people not knowing the interchange. It's not familiar to them, it's all new to everybody," Mckenzie said.

Some drivers explained, the best bet for those passing through the intersection when it comes to next week and the holidays, is to be patient and go very slow.

"You look out for the next person, not necessarily yourself, because you're looking making sure everyone else is slowing down around you," Mckenzie suggested.

"Approach with caution because you don't know what's on the other side," Riggs said.

Bourcier said the two work days crews will at the backgate will be Monday and Tuesday and they will be off for Thanksgiving, but if they aren't finished paving by Tuesday, they will have to pick back up after the holiday.

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