Group campaigns against proposed Myrtle Beach skywalk

Group campaigns against proposed Myrtle Beach skywalk

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – No matter how it looks or how useful it could be, you won't find many locals in support of a new skywalk on Ocean Boulevard.

"I don't like the size of it, the color of it, and the location of it. Just by their very nature, to me they're obtrusive," said Michael Barnett, a local lawyer.

Unfortunately for the developers of a new high rise hotel, Barnett is not alone. Many other people around the area are coming forward and speaking out against a skywalk that could come along with it.

The whole development would be on Ocean Boulevard at 17th Avenue North. While all their issues with the skywalk may differ, more than a dozen people are speaking up.

"Basically, I'm just concerned our premier boulevard is gonna turn from a canyon into a tunnel because of all the walkovers," said Barnett.

Barnett is not behind flyers being sent out, but he's happy other people are making them. The flyers state in bold, 'Say No to Boulevard Walkovers', and are endorsed by the coalition for a walkover-free boulevard.

We went to the address on the flyer and found they are all being sent from, the Sea Crest Hotel. GM and Vice President Douglas Martin has publicly spoken out against skywalks and even wrote a letter to city council last month. WMBF News reached out for comment and has not heard back.

"If you allow this one, how are you gonna tell people up and down the boulevard who want one, so they can compete, that they can't have it?" Barnett questioned.

The only other skywalk in Myrtle Beach is at the Landmark Hotel. It was allowed in 1995 as a prototype.

For a new skywalk to be created, city council would have to agree to amend the current code against overhead walkways. City Council will discuss the issue again December 9.

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