Don't Sleep with Your Baby: Follow the A, B, Cs of Safe Sleep

Don't Sleep with Your Baby: Follow the A, B, Cs of Safe Sleep

COLUMBIA, SC (News Release) – The South Carolina Department of Social Services reminds parents of the importance of following recommended safe sleep practices for infants during extremely cold nights. Experts recommend following the ABC's of Safe Sleep: Leave Your Baby Alone on their Back in their Crib. Infants who sleep in the same bed as their parents or siblings are at risk of suffocation or strangulation.

Parents, siblings and even pets can roll onto babies during sleep or babies can get tangled in the sheets or blankets. Babies suffocate, or are crushed and die every year when sharing the bed or sofa. All those deaths are preventable. For additional information, here are the safe sleeping recommendations from Children's Trust:

The American Academy of Pediatrics says:

• Place your baby to sleep in the same room where you sleep, not the same bed, but their crib.

• Always place babies on their backs to sleep. Use the back sleep position every time.

• Place your baby on a firm sleep surface, such as a safety-approved crib mattress covered with a fitted sheet.

• Keep soft objects, toys, bumper pads and loose bedding out of your baby's sleep area.

• Avoid letting your baby overheat during sleep. Dress your baby in light sleep clothing and keep room at a temperature that is comfortable for an adult.