The Real Cost of South Carolina's $25 Texting and Driving Law

The Real Cost of South Carolina's $25 Texting and Driving Law

(WMBF) - On January 1, South Carolina's first-ever texting while driving ban will start being enforced. Many will say, "Don't worry, the fine is just $25 and DMV and your insurance company are never told about it." The truth is, the new law is something to worry about.

It's true, our new texting law is weak when it comes to the punishment for violating it. However, there is a hidden cost most people are skipping over when they decide to type out a message behind the wheel… one that could cost your family everything.

"In a severe injury or death case, when they suspect that a cell phone has been used, they will retrieve that phone. They can download that data, and they can show, point by point, moment by moment leading up to and the actual point of the collision: was that phone being used," explains State Sen Luke Rankin.

Now that the state has a law against texting and driving, juries now have a law to judge your behavior.

WMBF News anchor David Klugh investigates why sometimes the weakest laws can be used to create some of the stiffest penalties - and our new texting law is one of them.

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