Marion County murder trial in its second day

Marion County murder trial in its second day

Day Two: Witness testimony, 911 call records, photographic evidence

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - 'Beyond all reasonable doubt' is the decision the jury must come to in this murder case. The judge decided to allow the 911 call into evidence and jurors heard it for the first time on the second day of trial.

The defense, led by criminal defense attorney Morgan Martin, grilled witnesses made up mostly of emergency responders. Martin continued to point to the fact that those law enforcement officers never recorded audio or video of his client, Ms. Long.

"All we have is what you say she said," expressed Martin to a lieutenant testifying about his conversation with Ms. Long after she was read her Miranda Rights.

That investigator told jurors that in that conversation she told him "I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I would stab him. Something must have happened to make me flip out."

The defense continued to argue there is no murder weapon and there was no blood on Ms. Long. Detectives later told jurors she had blood on her jeans, but not on her arms or face.

The prosecution, led by Solicitor Ed Clements, called on a forensic pathologist. The same woman performed the autopsy on Mr. Johnson the day after he was killed.

"Someone could get this wound if they were sitting down and someone stabbed them from behind?" the solicitor questioned the forensic pathologist. The doctor answered, "yes."

In addition, the solicitor called upon a special agent with SLED as a witness. She explained the process SLED went through to test different areas for blood. She mentioned the swab test would come back negative if a knife was washed clean with soap and water before being tested.

WMBF News will be in the courtroom Wednesday to bring you the latest in the trial.

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