Marion County murder trial in its third day

Marion County murder trial in its third day

Day Three: Sex & Alcohol

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - While the murder trial continued, the conversation continued to come back to two topics: sex and alcohol.

Criminal defense attorney Morgan Martin has built his case up around Donna Long being too intoxicated on the night Lacey Johnson was murdered. Too drunk, too incoherent, to know what she was saying to emergency responders.

As Donna Long took the stand for the first time, she admitted to the jurors that she was an alcoholic. She told them she did not remember what happened that night in October of 2012, nor did she remember the conversations in the days following.

She claimed she was in shock and having withdrawals. She admitted to police officers that she took a Loracet while drinking that night.

"I must have passed out….when I woke up I saw him bleeding," she said on the stand.

She maintains she did not kill Lacey Johnson, that she loved him and that he was her best friend.

"On the 911 call, you said 'I did it, I did it," questioned the solicitor.

"I was out of my mind," responded Long.

"You were out of your mind, but called 911?" said the solicitor.

While she can't remember the details of that fateful fall night, investigators said they do.

"I have never….had someone look at me and say 'I stabbed my boyfriend because he wouldn't [have sex with] me,''' recalled a criminal investigator with the case.

The criminal investigator mentioned that Donna Long told him that was part of an argument Long had with Johnson the night before. She told investigators she only had 'two more weeks.'

When questioned about what she meant, Long explained that Johnson had a charges pending against her ex-boyfriend named Larry. According to investigators, she began her sexual relationship with Johnson while still living with Larry. She was hoping to get Johnson to drop charges against Larry.

After closing arguments, the jury was sent to the chambers to deliberate. Because of the late hour, the judge excused the jury for the evening. The trial will resume Thursday morning. ?

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