Controversy stirs over Darlington strip club

Controversy stirs over Darlington strip club

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A new topless strip club isn't welcome in Darlington County.

The sheriff's office has already visited the property, but people still want it closed.

The Darlington County Sheriff's Office confiscated all the alcohol that was being sold Friday, which was the first night the club was open.

People in the area are upset because the strip club is located in the middle of a neighborhood.

"I mean would you buy a house next door to a strip club?" asked Frances Britt who lives in Darlington County.

Club X is the strip club Frances Britt and her neighbors are upset about.

The club is located on North Main Street. There are no county ordinances that say the club can't operate in its current location.

"The kids and their parents have to go back and forth in front of this place to get to school," Britt said.

Within a two mile radius, are three schools including Darlington County High School –this is just one of the reasons people want to see the strip club closed.

"From my understanding, there is no ordinance against opening a strip club here. That's why we decided to open one," Tron Hickman said.

On its opening night, last Friday deputies with the Darlington County Office went inside and noticed alcohol was being sold with a license investigators say was issued under a previous owner and different club name.

"What we have in this case, not so much changing ownership in the property, but a change in ownership of the business. You had one business operating there before and now you have a different business operating in the same location," Darlington County Sheriff Washer said.

WMBF News left a message at the State's Revenue Office to see if the club had a valid alcohol license, but the call was not returned.

"Our paper work is correct and we called and checked with the department of revenue and they said our liquor license is correct," Hickman said.

The confiscated alcohol is being held by the Darlington County Sheriff's Office. Club X is still allowed to be open –just not selling alcohol.

Wednesday. Tron Hickman, manager of the Club X said as long as the Sheriff's office returned the club's confiscated liquor, he would switch the strip club over to a sports bar.

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