Report: SC ranks 36th worst for child homelessness

Report: SC ranks 36th worst for child homelessness

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - Times continue to be tough for many people, and in Horry County, hundreds of kids are caught in it.

"About 654 [kids] in Horry County and about 10,000 [kids] in South Carolina may be homeless," says Christina Jackson, the Executive Director of Sea Haven, a shelter in Horry County that houses homeless kids.

She says those numbers account for the number of homeless kids enrolled in school. "We know there are a lot more out there," she added.

Kids who are homeless blend in. They manage to couch surf, live in cars or get around other ways.

The National Center on Family Homelessness released a national report card ranking every state on the risk for child homelessness, the known number of homeless children, their well-being and the what the state has in place for planning. It says South Carolina is near the bottom ranking number 36.

The Palmetto State ranks in the bottom three states for the number of children at risk to become homeless, partly because of teen birth rates, and the number of children in poverty.

"Many of these youth didn't ask for the things that have happened," Jackson said. "They've been forgotten, they've been quote 'thrown away', and so it's our goal to help them become productive again."

She helps many teens that have been abused, neglected or were kicked out of their homes.

"I think it's time we stop looking at teens as delinquents, and start trying to help them become more productive."

A link to the full report on child homelessness can be found here:

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