Consider This: Your Feedback

Consider This: Your Feedback

As you know, Consider This is an editorial, an opinion, meant to engage a conversation from different points of view. Here are some of your comments from a recent editorial on the strip clubs along Highway 501.

Amanda Fenusz says, "Consider This Ted Fortenberry: How about you get a journalism degree before you 'report' your opinion for WMBF News. Newsflash: You're a moron and your article is more 'trashy' than all of the strip clubs in this town."

Stephanie Elliott shares this opinion, "Those clubs do not make or break MB. I say good riddance and look forward to the improvement for OUR city."

Here's what Tim Lefevre had to say, "Consider This- Public Nuisance is our local and federal government."

And for some reason Ross Haseltine thinks I should mention my volunteer service on the Myrtle Beach Chamber board of directors in all of my editorials. Here's what Ross had to say, "Once again Ted Fortenberry fails to mention that he sat on the Chamber of Commerce board. A huge conflict of interest for a news agency which has recently been attacking the city leaders and never the Chamber."

Thanks to all of you who share your comments and offer your perspective. It's makes for a better place when we realize many views make for a better community.

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