Council members vote to outlaw additional 'projectile' weapons

Council members vote to outlaw additional 'projectile' weapons

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (NEWS RELEASE) - During a meeting Monday, North Myrtle Beach City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to amend the Code of Ordinances Section 16-47, titled "Weapons­ Discharge of Firearms, slingshots, air rifles, explosives, etc." Two readings must be passed for a change to be final.

The Department of Public Safety recently encountered an individual with a crossbow in the area of the Parkway PDD near Water Tower Road. Upon reviewing the City's code regarding the section that regulates the discharge of certain weapons within the city, staff determined that the current form of the ordinance did not prohibit the discharge of crossbows or bow and arrows within the city.

Because of a concern for the public's safety if a crossbow or a bow and arrow were discharged within the city, the Department of Public Safety recommended to City Council that the current form of Section 16-47 be repealed and replaced with the following new language:

It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly, recklessly or negligently discharge or cause to be discharged any firearm, explosive or weapon of any kind within the city limits. Weapon means any device from which a projectile is shot, fired or expelled, including but not limited to handguns, shotguns, rifles, crossbows, bow and arrow, slingshots, blowguns, air rifles or any other device that propels or discharges a projectile.

This section shall not apply to:

(a) Law enforcement personnel in training or performance of duty;

(b) A person discharging a firearm or weapon in the lawful defense of person or property;

(c) A person discharging a firearm on a public or private shooting range, shooting gallery, paintball course or other site of a lawful business properly permitted and zoned, such as a gun club, shooting range, paintball amenity, cemetery (for burial purposes, blank ammunition may be discharged with 24 hour prior notification to the Chief of Police).

(d) A person conducting an athletic contest who fires blank ammunition toward the sky;

(e) A Person(s) authorized to fire blank ammunition as part of a funeral or military or police ceremonies;

(f) A person(s) authorized to fire blank ammunition as part of a permit for filming purposes.