North Myrtle Beach recognizes National Runaway Prevention month

North Myrtle Beach recognizes National Runaway Prevention month

North Myrtle Beach, SC (NEWS RELEASE) – Mayor Marilyn Hatley recently presented a proclamation declaring November to be National Runaway Prevention Month in North Myrtle Beach to Sea Haven for Youth Development Director Wendy Gore.

Mayor Hatley's proclamation states that the future well-being of America is dependent on the value we place on our young people, and we must provide them with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to develop into healthy and productive adults.

Studies show that up to 2.8 million young people run away from home annually due to home environments that are unsafe and unhealthy. Communities can reverse this tide by assisting young people in discovering the delicate balance of life-saving skills, by letting them know what it means to run away and why running away will not solve their problems, by helping to build a safety net of trusted people and organizations to turn to for help, by teaching young people to speak and listen effectively, and by showing them how to reduce or manage stress and solve problems.

Mayor Hatley noted in her proclamation that many community-based, faith-based and public organizations in North Myrtle Beach work diligently to increase public awareness about, advocate on behalf of, and provide positive and safe alternatives to runaway and homeless young people and their families.

Through her proclamation, Mayor Hatley encourages all members of the North Myrtle Beach Community to support young people who have run away or who are at high risk of doing so by developing a mentoring relationship with them, teaching them skills that promote positive life choices, and otherwise help them achieve a positive transition into adulthood.