Footgolf makes its debut Saturday with free rounds for customers

Footgolf makes its debut Saturday with free rounds for customers

GARDEN CITY BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach is known as the "Golf Capital of the World" but now a new type of golf is making its way to the Grand Strand.

It is called footgolf and players do not need golf clubs to play.

Tupelo Bay Golf Center built the new footgolf course which is the only one of its kind on the Grand Strand.

"It's golf meets soccer," said Director of Marketing Vince Cronkey. "Basically it's played on the same course we play the par 3 golf but instead of hitting a golf ball you kick a soccer ball."

Cronkey wants those who are not familiar with footgolf to understand the unique sport is not a gimmick. The sport actually has its own governing body.

Before Tupelo Bay could open this course the United States Footgolf Association had to give the green light.

"All of the equipment is sanctioned and we buy it from them," Cronkey added. "They actually assess our layout to make sure it's competitive with the right distances, safety factors, etc."

While there are no clubs as with regular golf you can still find yourself in the same troubles if you have a bad shot. Like regular golf, if you find yourself in a bunker you have to give it your best shot to get out.

The staff at Tupelo Bay hopes other courses on the Grand Strand offer footgolf in the future so leagues can be formed.

Anyone interested in trying out footgolf can do so for free at Tupelo Bay Golf Center Saturday.

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