Florence County car crash fatalities down

Florence County car crash fatalities down
More than 100 people have died this year in car accidents just in the north
eastern corner of South Carolina, according to South Carolina Highway Patrol reports.

 "We really need everyone to focus. Let's get these numbers together," said Corporal Sonny Collins, of the South Carolina Highway Patrol. "Any fatality is too many." 

However, fatalities have gone down in Florence County from 22 fatal accidents in 2013 to 15 so far in 2014. 

"When you see an area that is declining you have to almost look back at the drivers and say, 'hey, you're doing a good job,'" Corporal Collins said. 

Corporal Collins said increased officer visibility is one reason, but drivers are also doing more to protect themselves and others on the road, such as wearing seat belts and avoiding drinking and driving. 

"We're seeing our usage rate really go up," he said, in reference to seat belts. "We're over 90% for the state, but unfortunately over half of the people who die are not wearing a seat belt." 

Marion, Georgetown, Williamsburg and Darlington counties have also seen fewer deaths in crashes in 2014. 

But Dillon and Marlboro counties have seen a dramatic rise from fewer than five people killed last year to at least 10. Corporal Collins said multi-death car crashes are to blame for that increase. 

Horry County has had more than 30 fatalities in the last two years, but this year, the figure is at the higher end at 38.


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