Consider This: Public Nuisance

Consider This - Public Nuisance

For years many people have complained about the strip clubs lining 501 greeting the millions of families who vacation along the Grand Strand. It now appears that the trashy welcome is finally coming to an end.

Consider This:

Horry County Council passed new rules to better manage where strip clubs can operate, but it's not those new guidelines that shut down the clubs. Jimmy Richardson, Horry County's Solicitor, and his team uncovered alleged criminal activity forcing the clubs to close. With these seedy operations shut down, improved 501 landscaping and litter clean-up there's hope that the main road to the beach will actually become an attractive entrance in the coming years.

For all of you who will complain that we're running away the golfers, bikers and other groups, not having those clubs is not going to have any impact on whether those groups vacation here. In fact, for the few guys who are looking for that activity, there are still plenty of options not on the main road.

After years and years of unsuccessful attempts to address this issue, it's nice to see something positive finally happening.

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