More than 100 acres in Conway rezoned for housing

More than 100 acres in Conway rezoned for housing

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - More jobs and more people: the hope for the future for Conway as the city is in the planning stages to build new homes.

City leaders voted to rezone 104 acres of land to be used for residential development, south of the downtown area. Simply put, hundreds of new homes are about to built in the City of Conway.

The plan is to develop a major subdivision with single family, detached homes. The new housing will sit on five properties bordering 9th Avenue, Cates Bay and Donald Street.

City planning director Michael Leinwand said he does not have the designs in his hands yet, but it will be about 200 houses.

WMBF News reached out to the construction company on this project, which is a local company out of Conway. They were not ready to release details just yet, but local store owners say they don't need details to know this is a win-win, for the area.

"I'm sure it will bring a lot more people in, which is the goal of every business, and especially since we do have some vacant properties on Main Street in Conway," said Barbara Whitley, Owner of Crady's. "I have a feeling that there will be some of those people who are gonna be building homes in that area who are also gonna be business owners."

While this project is in the very early stages of development, one thing that's for sure is the city feels this will be an advantage to the Conway area, as a whole, given the increase in customers for local business and property taxes the development will bring in.

As far as a timetable for this project, including when we can see construction, city planners say one has yet to be made.

This is actually only one piece of the puzzle for the area. In the past two years, city planning director Michael Leinwand, says there has been an increase in residential building. A large part of this, he says, is having Coastal Carolina University within city limits. There has been development in the past three years of student housing, especially along Highway 544.

Cherie Hardy with the SC Real Estate Network, agrees, Conway is a hot spot.

She finds the trend is that when people locate here, let's say to retire, they want more land and to get away from traffic and the tourism, this is how they end up in Conway.

The statistics back the claim. The latest report from 10K Research, from the Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors, found a nearly 28 percent growth in single family home sales from last year to this one. This shows that growth for the Conway area is just getting started.

"I've seen a lot of growth in Conway in the last decade that we've been here," said Whitley. "There's been a lot of fluctuation in market value and in the status of the city but all I can see now is an upward movement."

Leaders say changes have the city the right direction. City administrator Bill Graham said it started with older subdivisions that were starting to become inactive, turning a corner and building new homes. More recently we're seeing this brand new activity, including plans for this new subdivision.

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