Startek hires more than 200 new employees in less than a month

Startek hires more than 200 new employees in less than a month

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Startek has hired more than 200 full-time employees since its ribbon cutting ceremony less than a month ago.

Since then, Startek says it has been more than busy.

"We've actually added another client, We've added 60 full-time folks and another 150 temporary folks to fill in the gaps," Chris Black said.

Black is the Site Director for Startek's newest location. He says their number of employees seems to change everyday. As of Monday, they are at 357, including the 207 full-timers.

"That should be a good baseline number for us. The entire site can take approximately 660 [employees]," Black explained.

Black says the buzz in the community has been like nothing he's every seen - from hits on their website to walk-ins.

"We also have a few booths in the back, so folks can get online and apply here as well," Black said.

This room is also the testing office, where applicants will come and test for each client.

"Which is kind of like a pre-screening process depending on the client," Black said.

Startek is much busier than we've seen before, Many new employees were in training as Black showed off their most used and vital rooms.

"These conference rooms can be used for team meetings. For example, in-house group meetings, presentations, and also off-site executive visits," Black explained.

Black explains with how close the airport is and the amount of lodging options, this location should be a top meeting place.

Another space crucial to the way Startek's employees work is the huddle room.

"Teams can meet in a smaller group environment, where it's a little more quiet but you don't quite need a bigger room," Black said.

This location is home to Startek's first healthcare endeavor and now they are welcoming a new client.

Black explains as much as they are trying to hire across the board, hiring can be client specific.

"If we have one applicant that's a great fit for one client, rather than another or the schedule works, then that's what we go with," Black said.

Black says full-time employees typically serve their healthcare clients and as those clients grow, so will their hiring process.

Full-time employee responsibilities include answering questions and inquires for the company, acting as customer service, and also website and tech support.

Black explains training could last five days to several weeks, because not only are you hired at Startek, you are technically hired for their clients companies' as well.

Startek's goal is to hire 100 more people by the end of the year and that number will depend on it's clients needs.

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