The penny goes to work: fixing roads in Florence County

The penny goes to work: fixing roads in Florence County

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - For decades upon decades, some people have been waiting to see paved roads outside their front doors.

Now, road wash-outs and major potholes are issues disappearing across Florence County




been a year since voters approved a referendum to fund millions of dollars in road improvements in Florence County.

Throughout Florence County, crews are shaping up dangerous roads that weighed heavily on the daily lives of people like Joe Singletary.

“A lot of dirt gets in the house –a lot of coughing and sneezing,” Joe Singletary, homeowner said.

Thanks to a county-wide referendum last November, roads like Singletary's are being updated.

Crews are using tons and tons of stone topped with a layer of crushed asphalt to cut down on dust.

“Much better and ain't much dusty,” Singletary said about the updates.

“The gravel road is so much better because you don't have all these pot holes,” Patty Brown of Florence County said.

The county says getting the updates will help stop roads from becoming washed out, due to heavy rains and flooding.

The new roads won't require as much manpower to keep them maintained.

Fixing the 100 roads, currently under contract, will take time.

Roads like Railroad Avenue, which runs from Scranton to Lake City will take a few weeks.

While every dirt road in Florence County won't see the updates, county leaders say they are hopeful that in the future those roads will be attended.

Patty Brown says she has only found one negative with the new roads.

"You know us country people kind of like dirt roads. With the gravel, it tears up our horse's feet unless you have them shoed," Brown said.

There are more than 400 roads slated to be fixed using money from the Penny Sales Tax.

More than $30 million will be used to get the job done.

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