Ocean Boulevard beautification underway

Ocean Boulevard beautification underway

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you take a walk down parts of Ocean Boulevard, it may look a little different.

Where there used to be sidewalks, there is now dirt. In parts, there are also more traffic cones on the road than cars.

It's all part of an effort to make Ocean Boulevard what's known as a "complete street."

That means, the road has crosswalks, sidewalks, new pavement, lighting, and landscaping.

"Anything that's good for Myrtle Beach is, you know, anything to make it look better out here. I love this town," Devin Walker said.

Walker works at a hotel right where all the action is. He said so far, the construction hasn't hurt them too bad. The biggest real side effect has been heavy machinery.

"Some of the big machinery like the steamroller and other things like that, a lot of loud noises, and things like that," Walker added.

Since the project is in its beginning stages, crews are working on water and sewage lines. Eventually, they will work on getting all utility lines underground.

The finishing touches will be repaving sidewalks and landscaping around the road so it's much more pleasant to walk around.

For the hotels along the boulevard, that could mean more business in the long run.

"We do get a lot of walkup business out here, and with new sidewalks and stuff like that, like the way they did it a little further south, I think it would look nice," Walker explained.

This project only focuses on Ocean Boulevard between 2nd Avenue North and 9th Avenue North.

The city already received a national distinction for other parts of the boulevard being a complete street earlier this year.

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