Hundreds participate in Horry County cleanup

Hundreds participate in Horry County cleanup

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County is seeing less trash along the roads every year, but it still seems to be everywhere. Approximately 700 people volunteered to be apart of the first ever countywide clean up Saturday morning.

Volunteers picked up 1,056 bags of litter and The community appearance is rated on a scale from one to four. 1 being clean and 4 being extremely littered. This year the county ranked a 1. District 2, which is Myrtle Beach, picked up 161 bags and Loris' District 5, picked up 23 bags.

"It has improved over the last couple of years. We actually use the index to help us with our road listing today. We used that index and got with county council and some of the issues and some of the roads they've had problems with in the past and those are some of the roads we'll be targeting," Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said.

The county already has a litter clean up crew who cleans up the state roads and main roads, but today, it was your neighbors and friends who cleaned up local streets that you use constantly.

Dale Shoemaker a cleanup volunteer explained, "We're finding paper, plastic, bottles, cans, things that don't biodegrade."

The issues that cause the debris to be here are endless. That's why raising awareness for litter control is the main focus from volunteers and county leaders.

Linda Manning, a cleanup volunteer said, " I wish I had volunteer on the back of my orange shirt just to let people know we're not being paid by the state of South Carolina. We're doing it because we love South Carolina, but to pay it forward to show younger people and adults our age, you know what the garbage is there. Open your eyes and see it."

Horry County Council plans to make this county wide cleanup an annual event. They also hope to educate more people on the importance of keeping our area litter free.

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