Revitalization plan proposed for Conway neighborhood

Revitalization plan proposed for Conway neighborhood

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Racepath Avenue in Conway has not always looked like it does now. Years ago, the area was filled with people bustling back and forth between businesses, law offices, and more.

One man wants to change that through a proposed plan to bring new life to this old neighborhood.

Racepath Avenue cuts through Highway 501 and Highway 378 on the west side of the city. It is an area hit with crime in recent years, including gang activity, drugs, and multiple deadly shootings that happened within just blocks of each other.

"Everyone is concerned about the level of crime in the area," said Wallace Evans, Jr. "There's just so many negative things that are occurring we are trying to promote more positive things with men being involved, women being involved, building strong families."

Evans runs A Father's Place. It is a nonprofit geared toward helping parents better their lives through a series of parenting classes, skills training, and job placement.

In addition to helping families, Evans wants to help Racepath. Evans sat before city council and laid out a proposed three-to-five year plan aimed at improving the community, recently.

Evans wants to rehab the Racepath police substation into A Father's Place facility for job training and counseling offered to local families.

In year three, the goal is to construct a new city park. A Father's Place would maintain the park through a landscape training program.

"The only other park in the area is going to be Smith Jones, so we'd like to have sort of like an inner city park in a well-lit a place where fathers could take their children and enjoy a day out," added Evans.

The proposed plan to help change the Racepath community is still in its early stages. Evans believes the city council wants to help form a partnership in the future to make it become a reality.

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