Could a SC bill reduce fatal moped accidents?

Could a SC bill reduce fatal moped accidents?

Myrtle Beach, SC (WMBF) - Many mopeds are on street corners, trying to keep up with traffic, and sometimes slowing it down. Now, several local representatives are giving an old bill a second shot.

The bill has three main changes.

First, mopeds would no longer be allowed to drive on roads with a speed limit over 45 miles per hour.

Second, the rider must wear a reflective vest at all times.

Third, the moped must have a rear red tail light that flashes while driving.

"We trying to protect the people to come back home safely," said Ezzy Yakoel, who works at a Myrtle Beach moped rental company.

He says he has no problems with the proposed bill. He said he worries tourists will have problems with it.

"We are trying to save people, we are trying to make them drive safely and come back safely. We don't know if the customers are gonna like it," Yakoel said.

He says he worries some tourists would ignore the vest rule, like many do with helmets. Even though it is illegal to ride without a helmet if you are under 21, many take their helmets off once they start riding.

He says other than the vests though, this bill wouldn't change how he operates. The company already makes renters agree to avoid driving on major roads.

"It's a good idea for me and the city, but the tourists, we don't know," said Yakoel.

He says even if they had to start buying vests, the small cost would be worth the safety it brings.

The bill was first proposed at the beginning of this year, but it failed before it could become a law. The two representatives say they will reintroduce it in the next few months.

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