New legislation up for vote to make filming a special event

New legislation up for vote to make filming a special event

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It was Hollywood buzz in downtown Myrtle Beach Tuesday as filming for the Magic Mike sequel drew plenty of attention. All this Hollywood talk may be a new avenue to boost tourism.The city of Myrtle Beach is working on new legislation that would streamline the process for filming requests in the future. Hundreds lined Ocean Boulevard Tuesday hoping for a chance to see actor, Channing Tatum, who is starring in the Magic Mike XXL movie.One 12- year- old fan said, "I am anxious and excited!" Another Coastal Carolina student was overwhelmed when she saw the actor from a distance.

"My heart is pounding, I just saw Channing Tatum dance!" she squealed.

City council members say this is the kind of excitement Myrtle Beach needs to continue to draw in tourists. Randal Wallace, Myrtle Beach Councilman said, "The Sky Wheel, and the sling shot, when you get these iconic features of the Boardwalk they get on TV or get in a movie, people will come here, just see that, and that you just can't pay for that kind of advertising."

As Hollywood hits Myrtle Beach, many tourists are already flocking to the scene. Two North Carolina tourists said, "We were coming down for a couple days and when we realized that he [Channing Tatum] was going to be here, we extended our stay three more days just for the excitement of seeing him."

Another young Myrtle Beach resident explained how the excitement is overwhelming. "I think it's really exciting especially for tourism, they come here and visit and keep the businesses up and running and see the stars," she said.

Myrtle Beach could see more stars flock to the Boardwalk. City spokesperson Mark Kruea said the city has seen an influx of film companies requesting to shoot films here.

Kruea said the council plans to vote on making filming a special event permit. The ordinance will put regulations on what type films will come to the city. "We are setting some rules. Film companies can generally shoot between 7 in the morning and 7 at night. They would need to have insurance, they need to make a parking plan, and need to control the noise," Kruea explained.

Residents and tourists alike say they would like see more film works happen in the Grand Strand.

One North Carolina tourist said, "When would we ever get a chance to be right here, to be beside them making a movie, and seeing one of our favorite stars, so here we are."

"You're going to see more story lines I would imagine that would have them coming to Myrtle Beach or Myrtle Beach being a part of things, and that to me is kind of exciting, and that puts us in the mainstream, so who knows," said Councilman Wallace.

Council members will vote on the second reading for the filming special event permit next Tuesday.

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