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Horry County 2nd-highest in SC for traffic deaths so far in 2014

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Some of the roads you travel every day may be more dangerous than you think. Recent numbers put Horry County as second in the Palmetto State for the highest number of  traffic related deaths.

Highway 17 is one of the busiest highways in Horry County, and according to the latest data, it could also be one of the deadliest, but SCDPS says when it comes to number of traffic deaths, the numbers are steadily declining.

For 2014, so far 39 people have died on Horry county roadways, numbers that come from the South Carolina Highway patrol. Of those 39, at least 13 of them have happened on Highway 17.

This trend doesn't sit well with drivers like Alysia Smith, who says she travels the highway every day.
You have to watch what other people do before you do, then you don't know what they're going to do; you have to be alert, Smith said.

Across the Palmetto State, more than 629 people have died in car accidents so far this year. The South CarolinaDepartmentt of Public Safety says there's a drop in the trend, compared to 2013, when we saw 661 by this time.

SCDPS says the trend continues to decline for Horry County as well. Even though it is not dramatic, 11 fewer deaths on the road is an improvement. Some Myrtle Beach residents say they know exactly what's behind the high number of accidents.

People not paying attention 100 percent, they'll lose something, they'll be reaching for it,  they will not be paying attention, they'll be texting and driving, updating their Facebook status, exclaimed one local driver.

After a closer look at the statistics we found the main reasons for accidents are because of DUIs, speeding, distracted driving, and people not stopping for traffic signals or stop signs.

Meanwhile, some motorists feel the roads will be safer if drivers think about life and death.

It's not just your life out there, it is not just you out there, there are people with families, you're going orphan kids, that's the bottom line for me, one driver stresses.

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