What you need to know for Election Day 2014

What you need to know for Election Day 2014

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Polls open at 7 a.m. for voters to choose our next state leaders.

In addition to the gubernatorial, Senate and House races, the lottery raffle election is to be determined by South Carolina voters. Currently, Lions clubs, churches, schools and any charities risk legal ramifications if they host a raffle.

South Carolina is one of four states that prohibits raffles by law.

Political science experts say we could expect lower voter turnout for this election because more voters feel disengaged and are uninterested. "This is really a longer term development where Washington seems dysfunctional. And that just kind of trickles down into our state-level government as well. People just think it doesn't matter. Even if I vote, even if my candidate wins, government is not going to change because politicians are not going to change. And that's a real shame," says

Holley Tankersley, Ph.D., the chair of CCU's Department of Politics and Geography.

In the gubernatorial race, governor Nikki Haley has been touting her accomplishments while state senator Vincent Sheheen has been attacking those same accomplishments. They've been focusing on job growth and the problems with the Department of Social Services. But much of the debate has gotten personal. The Senate and House races have also focused on negative ad campaigns, attacking the opponent's character instead of focusing on what they will do for the voter once elected.



2014 General Election Day FAQs

. You'll find answers to questions, like: What do I need to take with me to the polls to vote? and What happens if I forget to bring my Photo ID to my polling place? How does straight party voting work? and Do employers have to give you time off to vote?


to view a

sample ballot

. See what the your ballot looks like before arriving at the poll.


or a complete list of statewide and local candidates up for election.

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