Blood patterns & Bullet holes: students take CSI class to next level

Blood patterns & Bullet holes: students take CSI class to next level

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Outfitted with blood patterns, bullet holes and shell casings, a classroom was transformed into a crime scene for students to learn how to track a killer.

“This is close to real life. You're seeing the weapon discharge, the energy, the power down-range, actually everything you would find as part of a crime scene," started Professor Jeffrey Scott, in front of his students.

Professor Scott led the lecture far from the confines of a classroom; instead, holding class at the Conway Police Department Firearms Range.

As officers loaded their guns, Professor Scott loaded a cardboard box up with a sponge soaked in fake blood.

“Understand about blood, the dynamics of blood, what the blood tells us at every crime scene, especially the story it tells," he told his students.

Every gunshot tells a story. The marks left behind fill the blanks for the students and the clues that could capture a criminal.

This is the first time the professor has held such a training.

It is part of the HGTCs Crime Scene Investigation Program and allowed students to reconstruct a shooting crime scene while analyzing blood splatter.

Three different caliber guns were used at different distances from the blood-soaked sponge.

"You're seeing all three dynamics and there should be a difference between them," explained Professor Scott to his students, as they eagerly leaned in to examine the scene.

Between the sound of gunshots piercing the cold air was the sound of shutters, as each student snapped their cameras to gather evidence left behind by the bullet.

"Documentation is very important in crime scene investigation," explained Joel Mizrahi, a student with the program.

Mizrahi said taking pictures is the first thing students learn to do. Now, they are learning what to look for once those pictures develop.

"It creates different patterns for the different types of bullets used. We learn about it in class, but here, we get to see it with our own eyes," said Mizrahi, while in between demonstrations.

Professor Scott pointed out the majority of the crimes in this area are firearm-related.

"The majority of them we're seeing are pistols at different calibers," he said.

He plans on holding the shooting reconstruction lesson again for his students. 

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