Myrtle Beach amusement park plans revived

Myrtle Beach amusement park plans revived

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Less than a month after withdrawing a request to build an amusement park along Restaurant Row, the Tennessee company has scaled back the project to fit current zoning designation.

By doing so, amusement park developers no longer need any extra permission - other than approval from the Community Appearance Board, according to the city.

The new plans include the "use of electric go-karts, rather than gas, and eliminates the children's amusement park elements," said Mark Kruea, Myrtle Beach public information officer.

Prior to a Myrtle Beach city council, held on October 3, the city planning commission received more than 125 letters regarding the amusement park. Since the amusement park idea was proposed, many neighbors voiced disapproval.

Residents of the Grande Dunes Community, Dunes Cove Community and other surrounding neighborhoods opposed the plan due to traffic issues, loud noise and flashing lights.

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