New Conway litter cleanup initiative seeks volunteers

New Conway litter cleanup initiative seeks volunteers

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – City leaders say cleaning up litter in Conway is a major problem and they're looking for volunteers to help pick up the trash.

The city has identified ten locations that are particularly bad:

1. East Country Club Drive From Highway 905 to Long Avenue

2. Boundary Street between Oak Street to North Main Street

3. Long Avenue Ext

4. Hill Street to Spivey Street Intersection

5. Oak Street from Mill Pond to Cultra Road

6. Grainger Road from Wright Blvd to 9th Avenue

7. Main Street Bridge between bridge to Highway 90 on Both sides

8. EL Bethel Road between Highway 378 to Church Street

9. On Highway 501 from Four Mile Road to El Bethel Road both sides and center

10. On Highway 501 from 501 and 701 overpass bridge to Waccamaw Drive on both sides

Different city groups and local organizations have been assigned to these different areas to keep watch and clean them up on a regular basis. But now the new initiative will be to get volunteers to come out one Thursday each month to help pick up litter in these areas. And if you cannot help in those locations, city leaders are encouraging you to take that time to help pick up your own neighborhood.

Littering is against the law and there are severe punishments for those who are caught. You could be fined anywhere from $200 to $1,000 based on how many times you've been caught, how much trash you littered, and where you dumped it. You can also face 30 days in jail and mandatory community service time.

City leaders are also hoping that this new initiative will make people more aware so that if you know of a trouble litter spot or you see someone littering, you can alert the right people. The city is working on making a littler hotline number right now. It should go live in the next two weeks.

When plans are finalized on what day they need volunteers and how you can volunteer, we will pass those details along.

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