New Whispering Pines ads target new market of golfers

New Whispering Pines ads target new market of golfers

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - At this time every year, Vin Martin and friends arrive at Myrtle Beach International Airport for an annual tradition.

The New York Police Officers come down every year to hit the links for National Law Enforcement Golf Classic.

"We're going to get four rounds in," Martin said. "We're going to be playing Monday through Thursday, four first days a practice round then the three following days are for tournaments and scoring."

There's a problem with every year's trip, though. The day Martin flies in and the day he flies out are wasted.

He can't golf.

"I think a lot of the guys here that do come down here, they don't do much today. They pretty much check in and they're relaxing or trying to find something to do for the first day," he said.

Right across the street, Whispering Pines Golf Course is trying to fix that.

Now under new management, the course is starting a new ad campaign looking to get golfers straight from their plane to the golf course. The course will also have a shuttle to pick travelers up from the airport so they don't have to waste a day of golf.

"It's a great idea," exclaimed Paul Almeida, a visiting golfer. "It's so convenient, so close."

Almeida is happy to finally see this new ad push by the course. For years, Whispering Pines was his first stop on every trip.

"I just arrived, I landed at 11 you know, and 11:05 I was playing golf," Almeida said.

The ad campaign isn't the only change coming to the golf course. Chip Smith with Atlantic Golf Management says the course will undergo a makeover moving forward.

He says ownership could double the staff so workers can make some aesthetic changes with the course and the clubhouse. Staff will also work on weed control along with making sure golfers keep coming through the doors.

When it comes to rates, Smith says the cost to play won't dramatically change from what you would have to pay in the past.

Atlantic Golf Management's contract with the city goes through 2019.

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