Homeowners voice concerns about Cherry Grove dredging

Homeowners voice concerns about Cherry Grove dredging

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - For an early Saturday morning, North Myrtle Beach city hall was bursting at its seams. Hundreds of people lined up to get inside and learn about the city's dredging plans. Something many people have been waiting on for decades.

"It's very important to us since we're on one of the channels," said David Hendrickson, a homeowner on 44th Avenue North.

With this plan, dredging would start next November on the Cherry Grove canals and would last through March 2016.

The city will pick up at least $1.6 million of the $13 million tab. A majority of the rest of the funding would fall on the homeowners.

In the plan, people living near the canals would pay around $2,400 a year for nearly ten years.

David Hendrickson voiced his concerns at the end of the meeting. He says he's 100 percent for the dredging, just not the funding.

"The entire community, the entire area, this part of the Grand Strand benefits from this project, not just the people who happen to have properties nearby," Hendrickson said.

He says this should be a public works project. The canals are not his property and everyday fishers, boaters, and many more use it.

"They use our backyard, they are there off our docks, everybody uses it, not just my wife and I, so for us to pay a special assessment is not fair," Hendrickson explained.

Other people have their own problems with the details of the plan. The city says the project could increase property values by 40 percent when all is said and done.

Gene Rowland isn't buying it. He drove more than four hours to voice his concerns.

"You buy because of your family, and you're using the property year round," Rowland said. "Property values really have no place except when you get ready to sell it."

He is also all for the dredging, but hopes it won't change the way boats access the channels and inlet.

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