High amount of rape complaints came up Memorial Day weekend

High amount of rape complaints came up Memorial Day weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you were near Ocean Boulevard at all Memorial Day weekend, it was easy to see police hard at work.

Flashing lights could be found on just about every street corner. But behind the scenes, there was one group working just as hard: The Rape Crisis Center of Horry and Georgetown Counties.

"This Memorial Day in particular, was our busiest weekend ever," said Jacquie Campman, a counselor with the center. "It was extremely busy, not only with several crisis calls, but we had four or five hospital calls, which is rare."

Four or five may not sound extreme, but it is. That's more than this group gets in some months.

"We were exhausted the next week, you know, just kind of overwhelmed I would say, just overwhelmed with the volume that came in and the intensity of some of the things that came in," she said.

Those hospital visits also made it hard for the center to maintain its crisis hotline. Once a counselor makes that visit, they can no longer stay in the office and respond to calls.

The group is left to rely on volunteers, which can be hard to come by.

"It's hard to maintain volunteers because this is hard work," Campman said.

The rape crisis center was able to respond to each call it received. Counselors say they also follow up with every case and even help tourists find help in their own towns.

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