New ice rink to go inside the Myrtle Beach Mall

New ice rink to go inside the Myrtle Beach Mall


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach mall announced a new indoor skating rink for the holiday season.

The application was sent to Horry County Code enforcement on October 15. It was approved just 6 days later on the 21st.According to that application, the rink will be made mostly of steel and construction costs will be about $70,000.

Myrtle Beach Mall's marketing department sent out a statement saying the rink is merely the start of a series of new events and renovations to come.

People that work in the mall say the new ice rink news couldn't have come at a better time and feel it could be just the fix the mall needs.

"We need a lot of upgrading in this mall, and I think this is a great way to start it off," Jerri Hardee said.

Jerri Hardee works at the Bass Pro Shop. With the rink scheduled to be open through the holidays, November 16 through January 8, Hardee hopes shopping and skating will go hand in hand.

"We could always use an extra incentive to bring people into the mall," Hardee explained.

Steve Elias will be overseeing the project and explains the rink will be used for much more than skating.

"What we are going to try to do, is learn to skate programs, try hockey for free programs, the SLED hockey programs for wounded warriors, for miracle leave. We are going to try to have the Coastal Carolina hockey league to come out and do conditioning out there on the ice," Elias explained.

The mall is currently working with Coastal Carolina University to figure out what else people want to see at the mall through an anonymous online survey. Questions range from specific store suggestions to where you live.

One question proposes adding new entertainment areas like a bowling alley, kids play area, rock climbing wall, an indoor soccer field, live concerts, batting cages, and of course, the ice rink.

Hardee feels the ice skating rink was a great first choice.

"A lot of people will be very receptive to the ice skating rink, considering we have to go to Wilmington if we want to do it." Hardee said.

Elias hopes the rink will be a hit, but say's the final outcome will be something more.

"It's all about community involvement and the new image, the new outlook," Elias explained.

Click here to see what the survey is all about and find out how your say will affect the changes to come to the Myrtle Beach Mall. As for the ice rink, the prices, hours, and events will be posted on both the Myrtle Beach Mall website and Facebook page.

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