Temporary ice rink may be coming soon to Myrtle Beach Mall

Temporary ice rink may be coming soon to Myrtle Beach Mall

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach Mall may get a whole lot cooler very soon – plans for a temporary ice rink at the mall have been approved.

On October 15, an architecture firm in the Myrtle Beach area submitted plans for the rink to be inside the Myrtle Beach Mall, and they were approved on October 21. According to the permit obtained by WMBF News, the estimated cost of the rink is $70,000.

"The 'Ice at the Beach' ice skating rink is a commitment by ownership to make Myrtle Beach Mall relevant in the community," stated Allan Davidov of Misuma Holdings LLC, owners of Myrtle Beach Mall. "This is merely a kick-off to a series of events and renovations coming to our center. We look forward to bringing lots of local flavor to the mall by way of retail, food and entertainment."

Grand Strand Ice Management has been working on bringing a permanent rink to the area since 2010. The company tells WMBF News it hopes the temporary rink will be set up by November, and remain open until January. The company said back in July that it hopes bringing a temporary ice rink in for Christmas will warm Grand Strand leaders up to the idea and consider a permanent one.

Sports tourism is a growing industry for the area. From baseball to golf, warm weather sports are booming in the Grand Strand. More winter sports could be a boost for the off-season, where hockey would come in to play.

A rink could be a home for the new CCU Ice Hockey team which now travels to Wilmington to play, or potential for a pro-team for Myrtle Beach to rally around. The company says with the rink, the potential is there to see more hockey, figure skating and curling events. One tournament draws about 2,000 people. The impact would be seen beyond the ice.

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