North Myrtle Beach begins moving power lines underground

North Myrtle Beach begins moving power lines underground

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Conversion of the power lines in North Myrtle Beach from above head to underground began Thursday.

The project will occur along Highway 17 between Ocean Creek Resort and 46th Avenue South, and is expected to take place during two fall/winter time frames, so the construction activity does not interfere with tourist season traffic.

However, your commute could hit a couple of snags as crews have set up a concrete barrier closing off a section of Highway 17. Trucks, construction equipment, and crews rolled into the area to carefully construct the concrete barrier to shut down the northbound curb lane.

Access to nearby businesses is still possible, cones are in place to guide you in and out of parking lots.

It is part of a huge initiative by the city to convert overheard utilities to underground. This specific section of work costs the city of North Myrtle Beach two point nine million dollars. It is a price tag to protect the lines during severe weather such as hurricanes.

Restaurants nearby are willing to deal with the minor construction in order to have power following major storms.

"A lot of people may not have the ability to cook, they may be in a hotel or they've lost power in their condo. Then, hopefully we could be here to get them fed," said Richard Brooks, the manager of Hamburger Joe's.

Crews will also be installing a waterline between 48th Avenue South and 46th Avenue South as a part of the city's yearly capital improvements for utilities.

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