Experts say now is the time to "winterize" your home

Experts say now is the time to "winterize" your home

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Winter is gusting just around the corner. If the memories the 2013 winter storm are blistery enough for your taste, experts say now is the time to take steps to insulate and keep your home safe before the start of winter.

Last year, was a learning experience for many residents not used to winter weather here in South Carolina. After the ice storm, tree limbs fell onto roofs and and cars, people were without power for days. It was a crisis.

Emergency management officials say don't be a victim if it happens again, learn from the past. 

Trim your trees and shrubbery so that if frozen limbs fall, they won't hit your home or car.

Have a plan in place in case your electricity goes out, like a backup generator.

And then there's the matter of pipes. Mike Ousley with Full Steak Ahead, Inc says there was a tremendous amount of calls on frozen pipes last year. In this area, too many times people think they don't need to worry about their pipes in the winter. But they can freeze which creates holes or cracks. When the pipes thaw, they can burst or leak.

"We had over almost 150 calls in a matter of two days with people who have gone through that cold weather snap, that had issues after the fact. "And some issues were very small, some issues were major issues where there was literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage done," Ousley said.

That is a problem you can avoid. "Do a search of any exposed pipes you have. In an attic, in a crawl space or even in a garage," Ousley advises. "Put a pipe sleeve on it, put some tape."

But if you don't have either of those things, take some newspaper and wrap it around the pipe about a quarter of an inch thick, that will protect your exposed pipes as well.

And don't wait until the First Alert team predicts a freeze. Take the steps now so you won't have to worry through the winter.

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