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New restaurant looking to attract local residents with unique dining experience

Local art on display at ART Restaurant Local art on display at ART Restaurant
Art display Art display
Liquid Nitrogen used to make signature cocktails, and ice cream Liquid Nitrogen used to make signature cocktails, and ice cream
Custom made burger Custom made burger
Myrlte Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new restaurant has opened its doors during the off-season. It's not a typical move for businesses in this area, but this particular restaurant owner is not focused on attracting tourists.

Located on North Ocean Boulevard and 8th Street, ART. BURGER. SUSHI. BAR is inspired by a mother's love for the local art community, a father's love for burgers, and you. From the décor, to the specialty drinks, to the the sushi, and even the burgers, owners say everything about this restaurant is a work of art.

Larry Bond, ART restaurant owner, said, “I put up 14 different displays so I display the work of local artists. Each one of those screens will be given to a different art guild. So we'll show over a thousand pieces of work of art every night, so that's where the name Art came from.”

Bond, also a Myrtle Beach resident, said the concept behind his restaurant is also driven by you, the local residents.

“It is a scary time to open, but this business is targeted towards the locals, I built it for the locals first. And I thought that if I open in the off-season that that would get the locals' attention,” explains Bond, who started the business with his wife, Fabiana.

Bond said he cut no corners to offer an authentic sushi menu, custom-made burgers and liquid nitrogen. He studied with one of the top sushi chefs in the world. He said he even brought three local chefs to put together a custom-made burger menu. A chef he met in Toyko is now here in Myrtle Beach, working in the restaurant.“I added liquid nitrogen so we can do ‘ART dots' (like Dippin' Dots), liquid nitrogen cocktails, I can do ice cream right in front of you any kind of flavor you want so it is really three different elements combined with the art of the local artists to be an unforgettable dining experience,” Bond said. He explains that he wants the local restaurant and service industry workers to have the dining experience as well.

“I am open from noon ‘til 1 a.m., that way people, when they get off of work in the restaurant industry or the service industry, they can come down here and enjoy dinner, because most of them don't get off until late, so I want a place like that," Bond said. "There's really no place in the winter where you can go and relax and enjoy a great meal at 12 o'clock at night,” he adds. 

Some customers say downtown Myrtle Beach has been waiting for ART. “This place stands out straight away as soon as you step foot into the place the décor, it stands out compared to what you see around here," said Lee Hogan, a local customer. "I can even see people and other businesses striving to be like this. This could be almost like a bench mark."

As new developments start to gravitate to the area, Bond hopes to see more businesses cater to the residents first. “We're seeing more and more people visit the beach, the boardwalk, the city has done a great job of putting that together and they're spending more money in this area, so I see it as being the future of Myrtle Beach," Bond said.

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