Stalking suspect sends more than 40 'harassing' sketches to Myrtle Beach man

Stalking suspect sends more than 40 'harassing' sketches to Myrtle Beach man

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A Spartanburg County man has been charged with stalking a Myrtle Beach man.

Joel Ira Grant, 67, of Campobello, was arrested Friday, October 24, according to jail records. Grant posted bond and was released the following day.

According to police reports, Grant has sent more than 40 "harassing" sketches and messages on the front and back of envelopes to a Myrtle Beach man.

The victim told Horry County police "Grant is under the impression that the victim is his brother." In other words, Grant thinks he is sending mail to the victim's brother, due to a prior incident regarding identity theft.

The victim told police he thinks the suspect believes he is contacting his brother because "Grant was recently released from prison for drug-related charges, involving the [victim's brother.]"

The victim's brother "supplied police with drug-related information, which ultimately led to the incarceration of Grant," according to the report.

The victim has contacted police at least three times regarding the harassment.

The mailed envelopes are described by police as "threatening in nature." Some of the mail has been numbered '41 of 1000' and '42 of 1000,' the report states.

Grant allegedly drew a tombstone on the front of the envelope and wrote, 'No stone for you.'

Police said Grant wrote on the back of the envelope, "'You don't have a right to life, if I was a minute sooner "31" years ago, I would have put an arrow in your gut when you were crossing the creek, and threw you off the Robt. Moses bridge...You are very fortunate, God will kill you, I'll wait on God, Bon Voyage, bitch.'"

The victim told police he fears Grant will travel to his residence and potentially harm him.

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