Construction work set to begin Thursday in North Myrtle Beach

Construction work set to begin Thursday in North Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Construction for the underground power conversion in North Myrtle Beach is set to begin Thursday. The contractor will begin to mobilize for the Highway 17 underground power conversion project, according to City Spokesman Pat Dowling.

"The full scope of work will occur along Highway 17 between Ocean Creek Resort and 46th Avenue South. This project is a continuation of the City's overall initiative to convert overhead utilities to underground throughout the city. This phase will cost $2.9 million," according to a news release.

Construction involves the installation of conduit, which will ultimately allow power and telecommunication utilities to convert their wiring from overhead to underground.

In addition to the project, a waterline will be installed between 48th Avenue South and 46th Avenue South as a part of the city's yearly capital improvements for utilities.

The city said it divided the project into two time frames: fall and winter, so that construction wouldn't occur during the busy summer season.

"The conduit will be installed this fall and winter, and wires will be pulled through the underground conduit next fall/winter of 2015," according to the news release.

The first portion of this work will occur on Highway 17 between Ocean Creek Resort and 48th Avenue South. The northbound curb lane will be closed, but access to businesses in the project area will be maintained.

Work in this location could take up to four weeks to accomplish.

The work will progress towards 46th Avenue South over the next four to five months. Depending on the type of work being performed within the project, work will occur during day and night time hours.

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