Horry County Police take over boat landing camera plans

Horry County Police take over boat landing camera plans

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Public Safety Committee is working with the Horry County Police Department for final surveillance camera plans for county boat landings.

Police say it was their search for clues in the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis that led them to Peach Tree Landing, and feel cameras would be a tool for not only solving, but preventing crime.

"We've had some cars that have been broken into, and some other criminal activity that's been going on out there, and obviously we know we had a high-profile case recently about it. It's just one of those things we can provide a service to the citizens by putting these cameras out there," explained Captain Jason Freer with the Horry County Police Department.

He said there are two priorities for these cameras: "If there's a lot of boats there trying to get in and out, which is important to the council member and the citizens because they want to move in and out while law enforcement's more looking at what's going on in the parking lot.'

All together, Captain Freer explained there are two clear camera options.

"The first one, is a stand alone, they are sole systems. We would have to go out every so often and look at them," Freer said. The other option would be wireless. Freer referred to this option as a more favorable one.

"We'll be able to get to them through the internet and look at the cameras and make sure they are operating and recording," he explained.

With a wireless option, law enforcement would be able to download any footage they may need without going to the landing.

Chris Eldridge, the County Administrator explained neither option will be available for public use, "but we would still have that security capability, and we would be up and running, and we could look in on them, which is an advantage."

Some council members were alarmed by the fact both options didn't allow for public use, but Captain Freer is also working on a possible third option.

"There's a company that's looking into putting cameras at our recreation centers, and we are going to approach them to see what they could do for us at the boat landings and give them an option to look at it," Freer said.

Eldridge explains choosing an option is holding up the project, but they should be able to start setting poles by next week either way, and once they choose a camera option, they could have cameras up within a week.

Captain Freer hopes to have an estimated cost for each surveillance camera option by the next Public Safety Committee meeting.

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