Student wins national 'Love Your Body' poster contest

Student wins national 'Love Your Body' poster contest

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A senior at the Academy for Arts, Science and Technology used skills from the classroom to spread awareness of body image issues at a national level.

"A lot of ads today and other social media is pressuring women to be something," said Aaron Williams. "And it's just a positive message."

Williams won the high school division for a poster contest through the National Organization of Women's "Love Your Body" campaign. He was awarded $150 for the accomplishment.

Williams and his classmates, who were juniors at the time, were asked to create a poster last November and submit it to the contest for their digital communications design class.

Williams chose a variety of positive adjectives to depict his message.

"That was kind of the goal of the poster because the 'be' and the 'you' is red and basically everything in between is what you are," he said.

This year's junior class is working on posters for the 2015 "Love Your Body" contest.

"Women's issues is a good thing for my students to work on," said Cathy DeSimone, web and design communication teacher at AAST. "A few years ago when I first started teaching this major, there were very few young ladies in the major. And now it's about half and half young ladies and young men. I think more and more women are getting involved in technological-type things and design."

The National Organization of Women will judge the entries next year.

October 14 was NOW's Love Your Body Day.

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