Consider This: Riding on a Penny Works

Consider This: Riding on a Penny Works

The overpass at Highway 17 and 707 will open to traffic this week and the entire project should be finished next month. With the completion of this huge project it means there are only a few more improvements remaining on the Riding on a Penny II list.

Consider This:

We know our roads won't get the necessary upgrades unless we pay for it locally. The projects funded through the Riding on a Penny program would most likely have never made on the list for state funded improvements, and even if they did it would have been many years before construction started. Our community is a better, safer place because of these upgrades. It's good for all of us who live here, for local businesses and for the millions of people who come here to vacation.

With Riding on Penny II nearing its end, plans are already underway for the next program. It might be a couple of years away but that time will pass quickly and Horry County's version 3 of Riding on a Penny will be up for a vote. Unless the planning committee comes up with a terrible list of Aynor Overpass type projects, the referendum should be approved and the benefits that we've seen with version 1 and version 2 should continue.

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