Power outage causes canceled flights at MYR

Power outage causes canceled flights at MYR

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some flights were canceled at MYR Airport after runway lights went out Tuesday night.

The power outage happened when power lines leading to the runway lighting system were "inadvertently severed," according to a news release issued by MYR.

"This occurrence is rare, and is attributed to the runway construction project. The $20M runway project includes resurfacing the airports 9,500 feet runway and replacing runway lighting. The lighting phase of the project is ongoing, as such wires are open to the elements," the release states.

The outage happened at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Within 90 minutes the lights were on, according to Kirk Lovell, assistant director of airports.

"Horry County Department of Airports is committed to operating a safe and efficient airport," said Pat Apone, Director of Airports. "Safety is our top priority with daily operations and all construction projects."

Following the outage, officials said the Department of Airports immediately issued all required notifications announcing inoperative runway lighting and began contacting its airlines partners.

At least two U.S. Airways flight from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach were canceled. A Mesa Air flight from Charlotte to MYR was also canceled Tuesday night.

In order to accommodate delayed flights, the Department of Airports, through its partners, delayed Tuesday's construction project to ensure delayed flights could resume operations for the evening, allowing passengers to get to their final destination, while allowing airlines to reposition aircraft for the next morning's flight operations.

The runway light outage at Myrtle Beach International Airport has been repaired.

Airport spokesperson Kirk Lovell, says this all happened because of the runway renovation project the airport is going through.

The 20 million dollar project will redo the 9,500 foot runway, but during construction temporary wires are above ground for the runway lights. Lovell says it is just temporary pain for long term gain at this point.

"We'll have a runway for another 20 years that doesn't have to have this type of maintenance or rehabilitation done to it," he said.

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